About Us

photo of chevy morgan

Chevy Morgan

CEO and Owner

Passionate and driven, Chevy is focused on providing clients with a unique experience. Chevy has dedicated her career towards innovating the real estate market through creating a perfect picture for home buyers and tenants to experience their dream home through her creativity.

Currently, Chevy specialises in Professional Photography, Creative Floorplans, Home Open Brochures, Mini Movies, Property Descriptions and Virtual Furniture while using the latest technology, software and equipment.

Chevy has a down to earth and personable nature and has received over 150 photography awards since 2012. She is a technology enthusiast who enjoys a challenge in providing clients with an efficient and high quality experience for their business and real estate needs.

photo of melanie hill

Melanie Hill

Professional Photographer

With an eye for layout and composition, Melanie is adept at providing a personable and professional experience. Melanie has spent many years in the design arena with a large focus on colour and imagery and has more recently added Real Estate Photography to her list of expertise.

Spending 8.5 years in the U.K, Melanie worked on many large projects including BA, LA, B&Q & WWF then went onto help establish a small design studio where she was dedicated to supplying and interpreting exactly what the client required.

Melanie enjoys finding creative and innovative ways to supply clients with photography that will set them apart from the competition and making the impossible, possible.